I’ve Been Boxerized

In my life, I’ve had so many different dogs. I have loved each and every one of them dearly but had never found the “perfect” breed. I wanted a dog that was great with children but also a good watchdog. I ended up doing some research and found the Boxer to be just what I was looking for. I am now owned by two white Boxers; Kevin and Lew. They are as different as day and night. They both love to play and run around, but while one is fiercely protective, the other, she couldn’t care less!

Boxers absolutely love their humans. They greet you with full-body wiggles and a ton of slobbery kisses. They do think of themselves as little lap dogs. Boxers will lean right up against you, commonly known as the “Boxer lean”. They put their whole weight into it!!

Boxers are extremely active and need exercise every day. They tend to be quite stubborn and can be very hard to train. I recommend obedience classes. But they are also very eager to please. Boxers tend to drool a lot, so this would probably not be a good breed for a neat freak.

Many people think that a white Boxer is a rare and unique dog. The flavor of the month, so to speak. Some breeders will take advantage of that and charge big money. The truth is, a good breeder only has the dog’s best interests at heart. They will place the white Boxer in a good home at no or very minimal charge to the buyer.

The Boxer is very bold, courageous and protective yet enthusiastic, peaceable, and good-natured. The Boxer goes beyond in obedience programs, therapy work, agility competition, as well as being excellent watchdogs. Boxers are super mischievous and are inclined to misbehave if they do not have proper training. A Boxer owner must spend a lot of time and effort to ensure a healthy, well-behaved dog.

You should choose an outgoing, playful puppy. You do not want a timid, shy, or one who is aggressive. Look at the puppy’s surroundings. If the environment is unsanitary, you probably don’t want a puppy from there! A healthy puppy should have a soft and clean coat. The ears should be pink and clean inside, the eyes clear and bright. The gums should be firm and pink. A good breeder will be very happy to discuss any health-related issues with you.

Remember though, the Boxer is not a breed for everyone. They need an owner who will be willing to take the necessary effort and time to raise a happy, healthy dog. Without the proper training, the Boxer can become quite obnoxious and destructive. With it, they are an excellent companion, a wonderful family member who gives unconditional love.